Tailoring employment supports for people living with MS

What are the goals of this study?

The rate of employment among working-aged adults with MS is consistently well below that of the general population. For a variety of reasons, adults with MS frequently leave employment before it is necessary, often without knowing about resources that may enable them to remain employed. The goal of the study is to learn more about the factors that influence whether a person with MS remains employed, so that personalized assistance can be provided that helps people with MS stay in the workforce. 

Who is leading the study and what is the funding source?

The study's principal investigator is Dr. Malachy Bishop of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The study funder is the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

How will the study be conducted?

All iConquerMS members who are currently employed or who have been employed within the past 5 years are eligible to participate in this study. We are asking interested participants to answer a survey on the iConquerMS portal. The surveys ask about topics such as:

  • Current employment situation
  • Impact of specific MS symptoms on ability to work
  • Workplace accessibility
  • Disclosure of MS status in the workplace
  • Perceived employer and co-worker stigma and discrimination
  • Communication about and use of on-the-job accommodations
  • Understanding of various employment-related resources, services and benefits

What is the study status?

The survey data is currently being analyzed by the research team. We will share the results as soon as they are available.

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Quality of Life
In this study, iConquerMS members will be surveyed about their employment experiences, including their use of resources aimed at enabling them to remain employed. The results will be used to predict whether a person will need specific sources of support to stay in the workforce, and to develop a system for providing tailored, just-in-time information and resources to people based on their individual needs and characteristics.
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