FAQs About Providers

Who qualifies as a provider?

A provider can be anyone involved in your healthcare team. This may include your primary care doctor, specialists, nurses, other clinicians, such as physical therapists, dietitians, pharmacists, and lab technicians.

What if I have more than one provider?

iConquerMS™ encourages you to submit EHRs from as many providers as you have; there is no limit to the number of files you can upload to iConquerMS™.

Is my provider required to give me my EHRs?

Federal law requires that your provider share a copy of your medical records upon your request. If that information is kept electronically, you have the right to receive it in electronic or paper form.

Does it cost anything to obtain my EHRs from my provider?

Under federal law, providers are not permitted to charge you a fee to search for and retrieve your medical records. However, providers are allowed to charge a fee to cover the cost of furnishing these records to you. In the case of paper records, this can include copying costs. If your provider stores your records electronically, in most cases you can receive your EHRs free of charge.

If it costs money to obtain my EHRs, will iConquerMS™ reimburse me?

Unfortunately, iConquerMS™ cannot help cover the cost of obtaining your EHRs. You are responsible for any direct costs associated with getting your EHR files.

Can my provider send my EHRs directly to iConquerMS™?

Certain providers can send EHRs to iConquerMS™ directly. Please follow the instructions on the request my EHR page to ask providers to transmit your EHRs directly to the iConquerMS™ portal.

However, many providers do not have the ability to securely send EHRs directly to iConquerMS™. If you do not see your provider listed on the request my EHR page, you will need to ask your provider for your EHRs. You will then need to upload the EHRs to the iConquerMS™ portal.

What if my provider still uses paper records?

You can upload scanned copies of paper records to the iConquerMS™ portal, so you can store and see all your health records in one location.