iConquerMS brings together people with MS, their care partners, researchers and others to understand MS and search for solutions.

You can help conquer MS by confidentially sharing your health information and ideas. You can also power MS research with your questions and priorities.      

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Find out what we're learning about COVID-19 vaccines in people with MS in the COVER-MS study and immune response substudy. Visit the COVER-MS Dashboard.

Who can join iConquerMS?

  • Anyone who has MS
  • Anyone who cares for a person with MS
  • Anyone who wants to support MS research

We have over 7,500 members from 58 countries and all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico.

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YOU can shape the future of MS!

Find out what we’re learning together through our research projects:

Did you know?

Most iConquerMS board and committee members are people with MS. That’s how we stay focused on the needs and interests of people affected by MS. Join us so your voice can be included too!

We invite all MS researchers to join us in our work!

Design and implement your research with the support of the iConquerMS network:

  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Interviews / focus groups
  • Biosample research
  • Clinical studies
  • Analysis of data from REAL MS, our longitudinal health and quality of life study

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We're proud to partner with organizations that help people with MS learn about, talk about, and engage with research.

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