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Welcome to iConquerMS™!

Where people living with multiple sclerosis can help conquer this disease by safely and securely contributing their health information and submitting ideas for research on topics important to them.

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Welcome to iConquerMS™!

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Special Newsletter Issue: iConquerMS™ and Research

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What is iConquerMS™?

iConquerMS™ is a new initiative by and for people living with MS. It puts you at the center of research in the fight against multiple sclerosis.

Your Data Has Power

Large amounts of information allow researchers to gain new insights into MS, leading to better diagnoses, improved treatments, and one day, to cures. Together, people living with MS have the power to make it happen—and it starts with you.

Patterns and Insights

Registered participants can view snapshots of the combined network data and see how their responses compare to others.

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