FAQs About Connection to Research

How does iConquerMS™ connect me to the research community?

Your ideas about research topics that interest you will be shared with the Research Committee. As these ideas are developed into specific research queries, they can be shared with the wider research community.

Please note that this website will not allow researchers to contact you directly without your prior permission.

What kinds of research questions can I submit to iConquerMS™?

You should feel free to submit questions and ideas on any topic related to multiple sclerosis.

Will I know how my data is being used by researchers?

Your information will be pooled with information from hundreds or even thousands of other people with MS. The pooled information is used by researchers to see patterns that would not otherwise be visible, and to gain insights into the causes and mechanisms of the disease.

iConquerMS™ will provide updates about the research studies and their results as they advance.

Are researchers ever going to contact me directly?

Researchers will never contact you directly without your prior permission.