Power MS Research Now!

As an iConquerMS member, you can power MS research in three important ways:

(1)     Share your research questions and priorities through the Our Questions Have Power Program

Help develop future research programs by sharing the topics that are important to you. We’re currently looking for research questions in two categories — MS Symptoms, and COVID-19 & MS. You can propose a question that could be answered by research, or vote and comment on questions already proposed by iConquerMS members.


(2) Participate in the COVID-19 Vaccination and MS (COVER-MS) Study

We’re studying how the COVID-19 vaccines work in people affected by MS. If you’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19, we encourage you to join COVER-MS to provide information about your experience. 


(3) Contribute to our many other research studies

iConquerMS members have the opportunity to participate in several studies each year on a range of important topics. Our REAL MS project measures the health and quality of life in people with MS over time and is always available to join. We’ve recently offered studies on telemedicine, complementary and alternative medicine, and the impact of COVID-19. All are invited to contribute to new findings about MS!


Learn more about the Our Questions Have Power program