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Do some MS patients who are/have taken Ocrevus have advancing disability when compared to other medications. In particular gait and mobility issues.

I am a retired epidemiologist and thus understand health data analysis pretty well. I pay attention to the qualitative experiences patients report about their disease or treatments. I'm the first person that will warn about drawing conclusions from anecdotal experiences. BUT, once you hear enough experiences with marked similarity and observe that there is even a Facebook group of people who have failed Ocrevus AND experienced advancing disability during their Ocrevus experience - you start to wonder. My hypothesis is that there is a cohort of patients who, for whatever reason, acquire mobility deficients rapidly when on Ocrevus despite minimal lesion development when observed on MRI. I'd suggest an analysis of Ocrevus RRMS patients' EDSS scores over time compared to other patients on other treatments. It might not pan out, but I think there is something going on. Thanks for reading.
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