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Do Covid vaccines or boosters increase the risk of developing shingles in people who have MS?

I had shingles vaccine in 2014. Then after initial covid shot, I started running a low fever during the night, had spasms with my back muscles with 2/3 of my back covered with black muscle bruising, itching & rash. My PCP at the time was from Pakistan & seemed like he really did not like to examine me/woman, but pulled my neck collar back at my insistence & acknowledged I had a rash. I told him I had pain, he said I needed more exercise. I returned 3 wks later & insisted he check black bruising & pain on large parts of my back, he raised shirt at waist about 1 inch & said bruise is because I must have banged myself. So, Shingles went untreated, and I had reoccurring Shingles after each booster & my back is still black. My new PCP said this is what occurs in untreated Shingles, and I also now have low-thyroid because old women seem to 'all' get this after covid boosters. Did Covid vaccine/boosters ignite Shingles in any other MS people???
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