iConquerMS™ Collaborators and Supporters

iConquerMS™ is grateful for the ongoing collaborative support of the following organizations:

  • Can Do MS: nonprofit organization that provides innovative lifestyle empowerment programs for people living with MS and their support partners
  • MS Coalition: affiliation of independent MS organizations dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life for all those affected by MS
  • Personalized Medicine Coalition: coalition of innovators, scientists, patients, providers, and payers that promotes the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine concepts, services, and products to benefit patients and the health system 


iConquerMS™ also thanks the following MS clinics for their leadership, commitment, participation, and support:


We would love to welcome your organization into the iConquerMS™ initiative. Organizations play many roles, such as sharing resources and MS expertise, or spreading the word about iConquerMS™. By getting involved, your organization can advance MS research and help conquer this disease. 


We invite you to tell us about your organization, so we can start getting you involved. Please use the form below or contact Sara Loud at 844-897-1211 or iConquerMS@acceleratedcure.org.