Privacy & Confidentiality

Data Security

Data that we collect is stored in a commercial-grade, cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, secure data center. Data is backed up daily. Offsite backups may be held by a third party to guard against data loss.

Appropriate security measures minimize risks such as loss of confidentiality, identity theft, electronic fraud/security breaches, electronic monitoring, stalking or bullying, hacking, and phishing. Only authorized personnel can access the data center. All data transmission (uploading and downloading) occurs over secure, encrypted channels.


We will keep all information that identifies you separate from the study data. We will assign you a unique study ID number. We will use this ID number, not your name, on all your study data records. We will password protect the computer file that links your personally identifiable information to your study ID number. We will keep any paper files with identifying information in locked cabinets. These files will only be available to the research staff. When we analyze the data that we collect from you, it will not be linked to your name or other identifying information. We believe these precautions eliminate any risks to confidentiality.