Advisory Board

Advisory Board Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the STEP for MS Advisory Board is to provide guidance related to study design, the choice of outcome measures, and study implementation, and to contribute to the targeted dissemination of meaningful findings to the different stakeholder groups for development of sustainable community exercise programs. The goal of these contributions is to improve the accessibility to exercise options for people with MS, to ultimately improve their health, participation and quality of life.

Our Advisory Board meets once per month by conference call.

Advisory Board Members:

Mimi Brown, person with MS, Colorado

Marlene Crocco, person with MS, Georgia

Chris Cronsell, Medical Doctor, Wisconsin

Joann Dickson-Smith, Advisory Board Chair, person with MS, Georgia

Dan Erchen, person with MS, Wisconsin

Mark Forrette, person with MS, California  

Jane Jacobson, person with MS, Wisconsin

Mark Manago, physical therapist, Colorado

Ellen Maxfield, facility-based exercise specialist, Utah

Kate Seelman, policy expert, Georgia

Elythia Thompson, person with MS, Georgia

Frank Ulibarri, insurance industry, Georgia


For more information about the STEP for MS Advisory Board, contact Louise Palmer at or 404-350-7513.