Welcome to STEP for MS

Exercise can improve mobility and perhaps if, how much, and how fast a person with multiple sclerosis (MS) might lose function. STEP for MS (Supervised versus Telerehab Exercise Program for People with Multiple Sclerosis) is a four-year study, funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). STEP for MS will enroll 500 participants to take part in a 16-week exercise program performed either at home, or in an exercise facility. STEP for MS hopes to provide people with MS information to guide their choice of exercise options.

Led by Dr. Deborah Backus at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia, and Dr. Robert Motl at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Alabama, STEP for MS is a collaboration across seven research sites throughout the United States and the Accelerated Cure Project. The primary research question is: In people with MS, is an individualized exercise program delivered via telerehab as effective for improving walking, participation and quality of life when compared to the same program delivered in a facility with exercise trainers?