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By joining iConquerMS™, you help advance MS research in new and exciting ways. By sharing your health data and ideas, you can help researchers better understand MS, develop better treatments, and ultimately cure MS. This section will guide you through the iConquerMS™ registration process.

Registration is easy. Just 3 simple steps...

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    Agree to Informed Consent

    You should fully understand the initiative before joining. Here, you can read about the informed consent and privacy policy of iConquerMS™ and learn exactly what your role will be.

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    You will receive a confirmation link after you submit your email address. Clicking on this link lets you continue the registration process.

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    You can enter the iConquerMS™ member section after you create a password, and provide a few quick personal details.

It only takes a few minutes.

The iConquerMS™ Pledge

When you sign up for the study, here's what you can expect of us - and what we expect of you.

We promise to....

Make things easy for you.
Respect your time and privacy.
Give you updates.

You promise to....

Tell us about your health.
Check in regularly.
Stay involved.

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